The Essex Collection of Art from Latin America is owned by the University of Essex whose governing body is University Council. 


The Essex Collection of Art from Latin America promotes research, education, and appreciation of art from Latin America at the University of Essex and in the UK. 


To build, maintain and promote at the University of Essex a high quality permanent collection representative of the rich diversity of Latin American visual arts from 1900 to the present.

To complement this collection with an archive of research material on Latin American art.

To make the collection openly available to the University and wider community.

To establish the collection as a focus for inter-disciplinary teaching and research.

To use the collection as a means to share knowledge globally.

To work towards the development of a permanent ESCALA study centre for research and education at the University of Essex.


Collecting: We value collecting as a means to provide access to and preserve the rich diversity of visual arts from Latin America for the benefit of all, now and in the future.

Connections: We value the ability and potential of our broad and deep collecting to create meaningful connections between art, ideas and people, over time and across the globe.

Expertise: We value the range of academic and professional expertise at the University and among our partners and associates that assure our quality and enrich and extend our services.

Openness: We value the openness of access of our resources and the openness to ideas, opportunity and creativity inherent in our academic context.

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